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  • American Rhythm DVIDA Bronze Merengue Syllabus
  • American Rhythm DVIDA Bronze Merengue Syllabus
  • American Rhythm DVIDA Bronze Merengue Syllabus

American Rhythm DVIDA Bronze Merengue Syllabus

Artist: Donald Johnson & Kasia Kozak
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A dance instruction video taught by Donald Johnson & Kasia Kozak
, this American Rhythm DVD, covers the Merengue. This DVD is suitable for dancers at the Bronze level. Please see below for more information about this professional instructor and a list of lessons included on the DVD.

* A bonus DVD case and cover provided by Dance Plus is included with each DVD order *


Introduction to Merengue15:52
1Basic to Side6:23
2Back Rock7:39
3Side Breaks7:59
4Arm Slide6:54
5Back To Back10:39
Demonstration of Figures 1-51:40
6ASwivels (Straight)11:14
6BSwivels (Turning)9:04
7AConga Breaks (Simple Action)8:06
7BConga Breaks (Crossing Action)8:54
8Merengue Glide10:40
9Forward Spot Turn10:49
10Back Spot Turn11:19
Demonstration of Figures 6-101:26
11Roll In and Out15:41
12Leader's Circle Wrap9:38
13Progressive Conga (Four Directions)8:06
14Face Loops8:24
15Leader's Duck Wrap10:55
Demonstration of Figures 11-151:53
Dance Demonstration2:29

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Artist Donald Johnson & Kasia Kozak
Manufacturer dancevision
Shipping Rate 1.0000

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Donald Johnson

Donald, born in the United States, became interested in dance at an early age since his mother ran a ballroom dance studio. He started teaching dance at the age of seventeen and shortly afterwards became interested in dance competition. He began to compete in the Latin American style and also competed in American smooth and International Standard. He moved to Torrance, California to continue his professional competitive career and enjoyed considerable success with a series of partners, reaching the national semi-finals in both American Smooth and International Standard styles.

Kasia Kozak was born in Warsaw, Poland. She first became interested in dance after responding to a local newspaper advertisement announcing social dance classes. She quickly became attracted to the competitive side of dancing, found an amateur partner, and became a serious 10-dance competitor. After deciding to concentrate on Latin American Dance, she rose to become the Polish national amateur junior Latin dance champion.

Following the relocation of her family, Kasia immigrated to the United States and continued to dance in amateur competitions.

Donald had terminated his existing professional partnership at the Emerald Ball in California. At that competition a mutual friend introduced him to Kartazyna. His Latin coach later suggested that he consider dancing with her and after a short period, they decided to begin a new partnership together.

After dancing together for a relatively short period of time, Donald and Kasia became a dynamic and highly successful dance team and have appeared twice as Professional Latin Finalists on the popular and nationally televised PBS series "Championship Ballroom Dancing".

Some of Donald's professional accomplishments, with his partner Kasia Kozak, include:

  • 1997 U.S. Pro Rising Star (closed) National Latin Dance Champions

  • 1997 U.S. Pro Rising Star (open) National Latin Dance Champions

  • 1999 British Open Professional Latin Rising Stars Champions

  • 1999 U.S. Professional Latin Dance Championships ? Third
  • Donald & Kasia currently reside in El Cajon, California, but travel extensively in the U.S. and abroad coaching other couples. Donald is a DVIDA Regional Examiner and Kasia still competes on a professional level.