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Music CDs

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Don't just save your CDs for practice. Listening to a strict tempo while doing other activities like driving or household chores, can help you become more familiar with the timing. Not only will you be able to recognize the cha cha from the samba at the next dance, but you'll find your next dance class just that much easier.
  1. Oversway (2 CD Set)

    Oversway (2 CD Set)

    US $35.95
    DJ Maksy & Avera, two dancesport DJs with names you may recognize from their previous collaborations with other dance music producers, have released their first double CD set together. A thoughtful selection of standard tracks arranged by dance makes this a compelling first release. Learn More
  2. Best of Ballroom Music - Part 18- Vol 38

    Best of Ballroom Music - Part 18- Vol 38 (2 CDs)

    US $34.45
    The 2018 release of the now legendary series contains a whopping 45 new and wonderful original hits on two CDs in perfect rhythm and speed for the passionate standard dancer. Volume 38 will not disappoint those who collect this series. Learn More
  3. Very Latin 4 (2 CD Set)

    Very Latin 4 (2 CD Set)

    US $37.45
    Latin tracks at their best. You will love dancing to the latest release in this very popular series. A must have addition to your collection. Learn More
  4. Starlights


    US $23.45
    The Prandi Sound Orchestra is back! After a several year break in which members have worked on various other projects, they have reunited to produce a new CD which brings the glamour back to the ballroom with a high quality production that provides a full orchestral sound accompanied by excellent voices. Learn More
  5. Latin Music 14 (2 CDs)

    Latin Music 14 (2 CDs)

    US $34.95
    A fabulous selection of original hits, hot remixes and exciting cover versions of the latest Latin American and latin-flavoured popular music! With 44 strict tempo tracks covering the four most popular lartin dances, it's the perfect album for every passionate latin dancer! Learn More
  6. Sin Ti - Giants of Latin

    Sin Ti - Giants of Latin

    US $23.45
    The latest release (March 2018) from the popular Giants of Latin series has an eclectic mix of different styles of Latin Music. Learn More
  7. Bring 15 Smiles To Your Feet

    Bring 15 Smiles To Your Feet

    US $23.45
    "Bring 15 Smiles" has a wonderful selection of popular classics from the legendary Klaus Hallen Orchestra. A great mix of songs and dances. Learn More
  8. Chartbreaker 20

    Chartbreaker 20

    US $23.45
    "Chartbreaker 20" is just being released in time for the International Dance Teachers Congress in Germany. An extremely popular CD among dance teachers. This release also includeds two West Coast Swing tracks. Learn More
  9. The Art of Ballroom Vol 4

    The Art of Ballroom Vol 4

    US $23.45
    This CD is a varied album featuring different genres and different artists Learn More
  10. Ballroom Indimenticabile (Ballroom Unforgetable)

    Ballroom Indimenticabile (Ballroom Unforgettable)

    US $23.45
    The word indimenticabile is an Italian word meaning unforgettable, which accurately describes this exceptional ballroom album from NDMI. The first nine tracks are beautiful waltzes which really sets a romantic tone for the album. Learn More
  11. Ballroom Memories

    Ballroom Memories

    US $23.45
    The latest addition to the popular "Premium Standard" series enchants with a melodic selection of 24 wonderful tracks including many soaring musical choices from famous movies. Experience the moving music from the world of cinema in strict time. Learn More
  12. Latin Great Energy

    Latin Great Energy

    US $23.45
    NDMI has produced another high energy album with a balanced mix of both vocal and instrumental tracks. While all five latin dances are included, the first half of the album is dedicated to hot Sambas with a strong beat! A must have for Samba lovers. Learn More
  13. Hot Rhythm 2 - 2 CD Set

    Hot Rhythm 2 - 2 CD Set

    US $34.45
    Two of the most popular dancesport DJs, Avera and DJ Maxsy have formed a new label called DanceSport Records and this is the first release co-produced by Casa Musica -- an exciting new double CD-album with 40 new Latin Remixes! Learn More
  14. Ultimate Ballroom Album 21 - Sophisticated Swing

    Ultimate Ballroom Album 21 - Sophisticated Swing

    US $38.95
    Just in time for the annual British Open held in Blackpool, music producer WRD usually releases their much anticipated Ballroom and Latin Ultimate double CD sets. This year is no different with a stellar selection of the best tracks by original artists in strict tempo for dancing. Learn More
  15. Very Latin 5 (2 CD Set)

    Very Latin 5 (2 CD Set)

    US $38.95
    With 43 tracks, this double CD is a great value with popular Latin tracks at their best. Highlights include 'Shallow', the Lady GaGa hit from a Star is Born You, and 'Taki Taki', a dynamic Samba that is exploding on the charts and breaking records. Learn More
  16. Very Ballroom 5

    Very Ballroom 5

    US $37.45
    This collaboration between WRD & DJ Ice provides dancers with remixes of current and popular hits, creating a CD that includes all five standard dances in strict time, arranged in succession, making it ideal for teaching and practice. We love the quickstep 'Uptown Funk' . This CD is the fifth in a popular series. Learn More
  17. Ballroom Flow

    Ballroom Flow

    US $23.45
    The latest edition of the very popular Premium series features great tunes from popular movies: James Bon, High Schoool Musical 2, Shall We Dance, Space Patrol Orion, Steven Universe, The Departed, The Greatest Showman, The Lady in the Van, The Shape of Water, When Tomorrow Come and much more! Don't miss it. Learn More
  18. Latin Good Vibration - Vol 2 -  2 CD Set

    Latin Good Vibration - Vol 2 - 2 CD Set

    US $35.95
    Another collaboration between Casa Musica and NDMI. This double-CD set has 48 energetic remixed dance tracks by Alessandro Olivato and his Dancesport Orchestra, along with several of Europe's hottest dancesport DJs. The first CD contains Sambas and Cha Chas while the second disc contains Rumbas and Jives. Learn More