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We Are Moving

After 22 years, we have had to leave our west Toronto location, as our rental agreement was terminated due to pandemic related circumstances. We currently seeking a new location, which we hope will happen soon. However, thanks to the loyalty and patience of our customers (and the 30-up Club) we are still fitting shoes and we are still here to serve you. Find out more about our move, and how we are continuing to serve you.
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How to Buy Dance Shoes Without a Fitting

Here's how to eliminate the risk of getting the wrong size or fit.

Buying dance shoes without a proper fitting may seem like a recipe for disaster, or at the very least a lot of trouble and aggravation if they do not fit. Whether you are unable get a fitting due to the pandemic, our move, or your location, we have advice to make it easy, and maximize your chances of getting dance shoes that will be just as comfortable as a pair for which you were fitted. [READ MORE]

New Ballroom Music

New CDs - Preorder & Save!

Four new CDs are coming, and they will make great gifts for the dancers on your holiday list! You won't want to miss these annual favorites from WRD and Casa Musica. Order by Saturday November 27th and save $1 per CD. Quantities of these titles, beyond preorders, will be very very limited.
Just arrived. New Releases

See the Fall Releases

This year's recently released titles from the 'VERY' series, will not disappoint! You won't want to miss these annual favorites from WRD and DJ Ice. Grab one of the last few copies before they are gone.