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Latin Good Vibration - 2 CD Set

CA $41.95
This is the second album produced from the new collaboration between Casa Musica and NDMI. The longplay-double-CD has 48 energetic remixed dance tracks by Alessandro Olivato, Antoine Delvig, DJ Ice, DJ Maksy, Avera Bobadilla and many others!
1Good Vibration - Alessandro OlivatoSamba51
2Here We Go - Antoine DelvigSamba51
3El Ritmo De Mi Vida - Dj IceSamba51
4Oh Oh Op - Dj MaksySamba51
5Sax Tribe - Avera BobadillaSamba51
6That Sounds - Antoine DelvigSamba51
7Tribal Fantasy - Alessandro OlivatoSamba51
8Algioval - Alessandro OlivatoSamba50
9Living On Video - Antoine DelvigSamba51
10Are You Ready - Alessandro OlivatoSamba50
11Baila Amigos - Alessandro OlivatoSamba51
12Bora Bora - Alessandro OlivatoSamba51
13Buum Chika Cha - Dj MaksySamba51
14Check My Mind - Alessandro OlivatoSamba51
15El Da Buum - Dj MaksySamba51
16Cha Cha Time - Dj MaksyCha Cha31
17Praise You - Antoine DelvigCha Cha31
18The Summer Of Love - Antoine DelvigCha Cha31
19Rattle - Alessandro OlivatoCha Cha31
20Fiesta - Dj IceCha Cha31
21Live To Dance - Alessandro OlivatoCha Cha31
22Shake It - Alessandro OlivatoCha Cha31
23Cuban Street - Avera BobadillaCha Cha31
24Cha Cha Cha 007 - Alessandro OlivatoCha Cha31
25Ma Che Ne So - Mikee IntronaRumba23
26Song From A Secret Garden - Alessandro OlivatoRumba24
27Without You - Alessandro OlivatoRumba24
28Tell Me Now - Alessandro OlivatoRumba23
29Se Devo Esserti Sincero - Angelo ZulloRumba15
30La Voz Del' Alma - Alessandro OlivatoRumba24
31No Te Olvides De Mi - Alessandro OlivatoRumba24
32I Love You More My Love - Alessandro OlivatoRumba19
33Raggio Di Luce - Mikee IntronaRumba24
34Ci Vorrebbe Un Amore - Casadei Beach BandRumba25
35Over The Distance - Alessandro OlivatoRumba25
36Sea In Autumn - Alessandro OlivatoRumba25
37Storia Di Un Amore - Alessandro OlivatoRumba23
38Armonia Peruana - Avera BobadillaRumba24
39Cantico Alla Luna - Alessandro OlivatoRumba24
40Father - Alessandro OlivatoRumba22
41Torero - Alessandro OlivatoPasodoble58
42Un Dos Paso - Alessandro OlivatoPasodoble59
43Camon My Baby Camon - Alessandro OlivatoJive42
44Enjoy Your Jive - Prezioso Rock BandJive43
45Move And Dance - Alessandro OlivatoJive42
46Ballando All'universitÓ - Alessandro OlivatoJive42
47Pour Me A Drink - Alessandro OlivatoJive42
48Tutto Nudo - Casadei Beach BandJive42
More Information
Artist Various
Total Tracks 48
Vocal Vocal and Instrumental
Shipping Rate 1.0000
Average cost per track Canadian: $0.87 / US: $0.78