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Latin Music 13 (2 CDs)

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This remarkable new double album of the popular "Latin Music" series contains all the newest Latin Hits. This double CD is terrific and won't disappoint.
1Vente Pa' Ca - DJ Rico LatinoSamba50
2No Lie - DJ Rico LatinoSamba51
3Bata Bata - DJ Rico LatinoSamba50
4Shape Of You - DJ MityaSamba51
5Don't You Need Somebody - DJ Rico LatinoSamba50
6Me Quemo - DJ Rico LatinoSamba51
7Rockabye - DJ MityaSamba51
8Humanos a Marte - DJ Rico LatinoSamba50
9Danco - Ilan AbouSamba50
10Light it Up - DJ Rico LatinoSamba51
11The Greatest - DJ MityaSamba50
12Sofia - DJ Rico LatinoCha Cha31
13Me Comprenda - Maurizio TambletionCha Cha31
14Whip It! - DJ Rico LatinoCha Cha31
15Llego El Bailador - Hadassa CandianiCha Cha31
16Work From Home - DJ MityaCha Cha31
17Besa Mi Piel - DJ Rico LatinoCha Cha31
18Ici Ou La Bas - DJ Rico LatinoCha Cha31
19Push Push - The Latin ClubCha Cha31
20Killing Me Softly (With His Song) - Yuliet TopazCha Cha31
21A Bailar - Patricio CastilloCha Cha31
22Lay it All on Me - The Latin ClubCha Cha31
23Don't be so Shy - The Latin LeagueRumba25
24Cold Water (Piano Version) - DJ MityaRumba25
25Photograph - The Latin LeagueRumba25
26I Hate U I Love U (Clean Version) - DJ MityaRumba25
27Demons - The Latin LeagueRumba25
28Close - DJ MityaRumba25
29Let it All Go - The Latin LeagueRumba25
30We Don't Talk Anymore - DJ MityaRumba25
31My Confession - The Latin LeagueRumba25
32Gravity - DJ MityaRumba25
33Give Me the Night - The Latin LeagueRumba25
34Into You - DJ MityaRumba25
35Hold on Forever - The Latin LeagueJive42
36Big Fat Bass - DJ MityaJive42
37Golden Days - DJ Rico LatinoJive42
38Halo - DJ Rico LatinoJive42
39Count on Me - Swingpop!Jive43
40Donne Moi Une Vie - DJ Rico LatinoJive43
41How You Remind Me - DJ Rico LatinoJive43
42When We Stand Together - DJ Rico LatinoJive43
43Let's Get Loud - The Swing KingsJive43
44Lost on You - Swingpop!Jive43
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Artist Various Artists
Total Tracks 44
Vocal Singing
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