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Latin Music 14 (2 CDs)

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A fabulous selection of original hits, hot remixes and exciting cover versions of the latest Latin American and latin-flavoured popular music! With 44 strict tempo tracks covering the four most popular lartin dances, it's the perfect album for every passionate latin dancer!
1Claro De Luna - ImariSamba50
2Desde Esa Noche - DJ Rico LatinoSamba50
3Les Mots - RafaSamba50
4Rain - DJ Rico LatinoSamba50
5Traidora - TumaSamba50
6Vacaciones - EmilianoSamba50
7Hey Ma - DJ Rico LatinoSamba51
8Mi Amor - KojoSamba51
9Mama - DJ Rico LatinoSamba51
10Mi Café - JosuéSamba51
11No More Sad Songs - Dj MityaSamba51
12What Is Love (from 'Rio 2') - AlvinaSamba51
13Good Times - The Latin ClubCha Cha30
14Sentimiento (Remix) - Alma LatinaCha Cha31
15Hasta La Vista - Etnica ProjectCha Cha31
16Havana - DJ BernatCha Cha31
17La Vida (Remix) - Francesca MazzuccatoCha Cha31
18Katchi - DJ Rico LatinoCha Cha31
19Sienteme - Lella BluCha Cha31
20Sunshine In Me - Antoine NoahCha Cha31
21Laisse Tomber Les Filles - DJ Rico LatinoCha Cha31
22Y Dame Damelo (Remix) - Son SonCha Cha31
23Wasn’t Expecting That - The Latin LeagueRumba25
24La Sentence (from ‘1789‘) - The Latin LeagueRumba25
25Io So Che Tu - BastianoRumba25
26P.D.A. (We Just Don't Care) - The Latin LeagueRumba25
27Dusk Till Dawn (feat. Romy Wave) - Andrey SerpovRumba24
28Some Type Of Love - The Latin LeagueRumba25
29New Rules - Dj Mitya remiRumba25
30Too Good At Goodbyes - The Latin LeagueRumba25
31Que Nadie - The Latin LeagueRumba25
32Better Place - The Latin LeagueRumba25
33Homeland* - Chris HeymanRumba24
34Propuesta Indecente - The Latin LeagueRumba25
35Gonna Get Over You - DJ Rico LatinoJive42
36He's Sure The Boy I Love - DarleneJive42
37Holes - DJ Rico LatinoJive42
38Walk On Water - DJ Rico LatinoJive42
39Despacito - DJ MityaJive43
40Love In This Club - SwingkingsJive43
41Hey Mama Rock Me - Ab OwenJive42
42Mama Said - DJ Rico LatinoJive43
43Runaway Baby - DJ Rico LatinoJive43
44Treat You Better - DJ Rico LatinoJive43
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Artist Various Artists
Total Tracks 44
Vocal Singing
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