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Masters of Modern 20

CA $29.95
The Masters of Modern series is famous for bringing wonderful music to the dance world
1Spring Wishes - Dancelife Orch.Waltz29
2Your Way to Go - NDR Big Band SoloistsWaltz29
3Misty Island - Jean-Claude MadonneWaltz29
4Melodie Catalane - Maurice Clement-FaivreWaltz29
5El Amor De Tango - Dancelife Orch.Tango31
6Tango by Night - Mickael VigneauTango31
7Tango Espagnolas - Antoine BinantTango31
8Sneaky Tango - Dancelife Orch.Tango31
9Les Beaux Habits - JP Menager & Dancelife Orch.V. Waltz59
10Exquisite - Dancelife Orch.V. Waltz60
11La Danse - Ranieri Orch.V. Waltz59
12That Swing Thing - Adamy & Dancelife Orch.Slowfox27
13That is Were I Wanna be - Dancelife Orch. ft. Geoff GascoyneSlowfox28
14What Have You Got to Loose - Dee Dee OMalley & Dancelife Orch.Slowfox29
15Devo Andare - Michele Maggiore & Ivano IcardiSlowfox29
16Jump Swing Blues - Dancelife Orch.Quickstep50
17Pigalle Bizzare - MinimaticQuickstep53
18Felicita - Sandor M. JoszaQuickstep51
19Take Me to the Shindig - Molly ChianeseQuickstep51
20It Has Been Some Time - Nate MorganWaltz26
21Boleros Tango - Dancelife Orch.Tango30
22Boulogne - Don RigleyV. Waltz51
23Slow Rider - Dancelife Orch. ft. DJane AphroSlowfox25
24Steady Guy - the Horwich Orch.Quickstep48
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Artist Various Artists
Total Tracks 24
Shipping Rate 1.0000
Average cost per track Canadian: $1.25 / US: $0.98