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NDMI Latin Experience

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After the journey into the world of Italian evergreens, the exciting new label, NDMI, returns and presents new exciting Latin Rhythms and surprising new cover versions of popular Hits! (* = instrumental track)
1Experience* - Andrè feat. A. OlivatoSamba51
2Cas Ta Cos (Ques Ques Que Sa Cas) - AveraSamba51
3SaxAppeal* - Olivato Dancesport OrchestraSamba51
4Party* - DJ MaksySamba51
5Saxomania '14* - AveraSamba51
6The Drop* - Olivato Dancesport OrchestraSamba51
7Better Off Alone* - AveraSamba51
8Babylon* - Olivato Dancesport OrchestraSamba51
9Sax Me Up* - AveraSamba51
10The Jungle* - Olivato Dancesport OrchestraSamba51
11Make Me Feel Good - AveraCha Cha31
12El Sueño* - Olivato Dancesport OrchestraCha Cha31
13Sabroso - AveraCha Cha31
14Fireball - Olivato Dancesport OrchestraCha Cha31
15Feel the Vibe - AveraCha Cha31
16Fable* - Olivato Dancesport OrchestraRumba25
17Lament of the Last Survivor (from ‘Beowulf’)* - AveraRumba25
18Stay With Me - Olivato Dancesport OrchestraRumba25
19Where Do I Begin (from Love Story) - WatazuRumba25
20Mirando El Mar* - Olivato Dancesport OrchestraRumba25
21Johnny B. Goode - Olivato Dancesport OrchestraJive43
22C'mon Everybody - Olivato Dancesport OrchestraJive43
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Artist Various
Total Tracks 22
Vocal Vocal and Instrumental
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