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Very Ballroom 2

CA $41.95
From the producer of the Ultimate series in collaboration with DJ Ice, this sequel to the first Very Ballroom, presents popular music by the original artists remixed to provide a consistent danceable tempo throughout the piece of music.
1Concerning Hobbits - DJ Ice (from Lord Of The Rings)Waltz29
2Promise - DJ Ice (orig. by Brian Craine)Waltz29
3Dark Waltz - Katy LootensWaltz29
4Bridal Veil Falls - Ariene FaithWaltz29
5Woman In My Life, The - Union Of Sound (orig. by Phil Vassar)Waltz29
6Day One - DJ Ice (from Interstellar)Waltz29
7Dream A Dream , I - DJ Ice feat. Jonna (from Les Miserables)Waltz29
8Jacob's Theme - DJ Ice (from the Twilight Saga)Waltz29
9Wild Child - Déjà Vu (orig. by Enya)Waltz29
10Stonefire - DJ Ice (from The World of Warcraft)Waltz29
11Return of Spring, The - Marc EnfroyWaltz28
12Alfatango - ShutlerTango32
13Sky Full Of Stars, A - DJ Ice (orig by Coldplay)Tango32
14Tormento - Roberto ScaglioniTango32
15Radioactive - DJ Ice (orig. by Imagine Dragons)Tango32
16Theme From Assassin's Credd 111 - DJ IceTango32
17Otro Puente Alsina Reloaded - Otros AiresTango31
18Fox, The - DJ Ice (orig. by Ylvis)Tango32
19Domestic Pressures - DJ Ice (from The Theory Of Everything)V. Waltz59
20Lavender's Blue - DJ Ice feat. Jonna ( from Cinderella)V. Waltz59
21Song Of The Dragonborn - DJ Ice ( from Skyrim)V. Waltz59
22The Last Waltz - DJ Ice (from Oldboy)V. Waltz58
23All Of Me - Swing Forward (orig. By John Legend)Slowfox29
24The Look - Eve St JonesSlowfox29
25Only Man in The World - Vintage Vegas (Orig. by Rhanna)Slowfox29
26Maps - DJ Ice feat Lenna (orig by Maroon 5)Slowfox29
27La La La - Miss Sha (orig. by Naughty Boy feat Sam Smith)Slowfox29
28Daytripper - Jazzystics feat. Deborah DixonSlowfox29
29Pray in C - DJ Ice (orig by Lilly Wood & The Prick)Slowfox29
30It's My Life - Jiri Sevcik & The Pirate Swing BandSlowfox29
31Like A Virgin - Swing Mix Gianni Coletti Vs Musique BoutiqueSlowfox29
32Harlem Swing - Alessandro AlessandroniSlowfox29
33Time After Time - Sarah MenescalSlowfox29
34The Big Bang - Tape FiveQuickstep50
35Swing Phenomenon - The , Radio Edit - Bart & Baker feat. Nicolle RocheQuickstep50
36Let's Get Loud - Brand New Rockers (Orig by J. Lopez)Quickstep50
37King Swing - Ken Miller Big bandQuickstep51
38Crazy Stupid Love - DJ Ice (orig by Cheryl Cole)Quickstep51
39Call Of the Wild - Bellevue CadillacQuickstep50
40Bella Bella - Noisy Freaks Remix - The Electric Swing CircusQuickstep50
41Thrift Shop - Swing Forward (orig by Macklemore)Quickstep50
42This Love - Vintage Vegas (orig by Maroon)Quickstep50
43The Swing Era - The Jive AcesQuickstep50
44Walking On Sunshine - KarinaQuickstep50
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Artist Various
Total Tracks 44
Shipping Rate 1.0000
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