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30 Top Slow Foxtrots

Wonderful compilation taken from previous Dance & Listen releases.
1Smoke gets in your EyesSlowfox30
2Love Walked InSlowfox30
3Non DimenticaSlowfox30
4Someone to Watch Over MeSlowfox30
5That Old FeelingSlowfox30
6Up a Lazy RiverSlowfox30
7Change PartnersSlowfox30
9Au RevoirSlowfox30
10Isn't She LovelySlowfox30
11Without a SongSlowfox30
12Miss GraceSlowfox30
13Out of Nowhere/One in a While (MDL)Slowfox30
14Fly me to the MoonSlowfox30
15Un P'tit BeguineSlowfox30
16Heaven Can WaitSlowfox28
17It's the Smile in your EyesSlowfox30
18Time MedleySlowfox30
19Beginner to see the LightSlowfox30
20Broadway BabySlowfox30
21September in the RainSlowfox30
23Beyong the SeaSlowfox30
24Nightingale Sang in Berkely Square, ASlowfox30
25In London TownSlowfox30
26All the JazzSlowfox30
27Old Fashioned Way, TheSlowfox30
28Getting to Know YouSlowfox30
29Jimmy MackSlowfox30
More Information
Artist Ross Mitchell
Total Tracks 30
Vocal Singing
Shipping Rate 1.0000
Average cost per track Canadian: $1.00 / US: $0.78