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Ballroom Glamour

Casa Musica has added another jewel to their premium standard series. This CD is sure to become a best seller. The Quicksteps are outstanding.
1Our Kind of Love (from The Beautiful Game) - HannaliciousWaltz29
2Sad Romance (from Over the Green Fields) - Hollywood Movie Str.Waltz29
3Dance in Your Hearts - Marc DickelWaltz29
4Savoir Vivre (from Der Mann Mit Dem Fagott) - Hollywood Movie StrWaltz29
5Jerusalem Of Gold - Meike AnlauffWaltz29
6The Father (from Let The Right One In) - AndresWaltz29
7Virgin Tango (from Qi') - Tango ProjectTango32
8He's A Pirate (from Pirates of the Caribbean) - Hollywood Movie StrTango32
9Passion for Tango - Tim GarlandTango32
10Tango Para El Y Para Ella - BandongoTango32
11Theme from Edward Scissorhands - Hollywood Movie StringsV. Waltz58
12Theme from Derrick - Hollywood Movie StringsV. Waltz59
13Still (from Over the Hedge) - Dale SimmonsV. Waltz57
14Theme from Midsummer Murders (Inspector Barnaby) - Hollywood MSV. Waltz58
15Way to Your Heart - Hal David & John CacavasSlowfox29
16Loving You - Paul Louis ReevesSlowfox29
17The Finger Points To You (from Sabateur) - MaxaynSlowfox28
18Dancing With You - Jeff MeeganSlowfox29
19Gimme Some Rhythm Daddy - Richie Jay & CompanyQuickstep50
20Umbrella - Swing KingsQuickstep50
21Downtown Girls ( Rick's Mix) - Robert WalshQuickstep50
22Want to be Evil (from Kinky Boots) - Marc VillageQuickstep50
23The Imperial March (Darth Vader's Theme) - Big Swing BrassistsQuickstep50
More Information
Artist Various
Total Tracks 23
Vocal Vocal and Instrumental
Shipping Rate 1.0000
Average cost per track Canadian: $1.30 / US: $1.02