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Ballroom Sensation - The 2nd

Ballroom Sensation the 2nd is a sophisticated collection of 24 standard recordings for advanced dancers including five slower tempo bonus tracks for practice or shows.
1Cathedrales Blanches - Line AdamWaltz29
2Satisfa - Sylvain Pauchard & Dancelife OrchestraWaltz29
3Cinderella In Flowers - Laurant BacriWaltz29
4Valse Cantabile - Michael Goltz & Rias StringsWaltz27
5Alfredo's Tango - Crispin MerellTango31
6Tango Influence - Mickael VigneauTango32
7Tango Misterio - Gustavo AresTango32
8Comme Il Faut - Eduardo ArolasTango32
9Summer In Paris - Dancelife OrchestraV. Waltz60
10Beautiful Rain - Frederike Krosnigk & Roter OrchV. Waltz59
11Surreal Waltz - The Mottram HarmonistsV. Waltz57
12Come In From The Cold - Dancelife Orchestra ft Robin KriveSlowfox27
13Alley Cat Blues - Diana FrangiSlowfox27
14Moonlight And You - Simon HollandSlowfox28
15Going Places - Adam SaundersSlowfox29
16Dream Come True - Alan Ett & Dancelife OrchestraQuickstep50
17Boom Boom - Dancelife OrchestraQuickstep50
18Entre Me Bras - Dancelife Orchestra ft Antoine MurrayQuickstep51
19K Ravane Accordeon - Pierre BinantQuickstep51
20Hope - Dancelife OrchestraWaltz27
21Vires Malum - Serpens Movie OrchTango33
22Achieve - Serpens Movie Orch ft Michael PictonV. Waltz59
23Treat Me Right - Chelsea SaundersSlowfox23
24Crime Of The Heart - Alan Ett & Dancelife OrchestraQuickstep43
More Information
Artist Various
Total Tracks 24
Vocal Vocal and Instrumental
Shipping Rate 1.0000
Average cost per track Canadian: $1.25 / US: $0.98