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Ballroom Wings - Vol 2

Following the successful Ballroom Wings 1, this version is a pure Ballroom CD featuring 22 new and unreleased songs from various artists. A colourful mix of vocal and instrumental.
1When Hope Raises - Dancelife OrchestraWaltz28
2Autumn Walks - David LawsonWaltz28
3Nonna Nonna - Antonia PaliottiWaltz29
4Such A Lady - Laurent DuryWaltz29
5Tango in Brief - Julien ValentinTango30
6Tango Bodega - Dancelife Orchestra ft. Anais MorganTango31
7CafÚ Tango - Dancelife OrchestraTango32
8Night Tango - Henning H. BackhausTango32
9Through the Day - Ciara NewellV. Waltz54
10Mephisto Waltz - Matt NormanV. Waltz59
11Adore Paris - Betty Silberman ft. Novick & Lenart BandV. Waltz59
12Danse Polaire - Line AdamV. Waltz59
13My Heartstrings - Timothy Hosman ft. Dancelife OrchestraSlowfox28
14Let's Get Away - Homer Greencastle ft. Danclife OrchestraSlowfox29
15Beautiful You - Dancelie Orchestra & Virinie LepartSlowfox29
16Swinging For Love - Timothy Hosman ft. Dancelife OrchestraSlowfox29
17Cupid's Crooner - Timothy Hosman ft. Danclife OrchestraSlowfox31
18Pack Up the Louis - Caro EmeraldQuickstep50
19Why Buy the Cow - Linda Martinez ft. Danclife OrchestraQuickstep50
20Wanton Boogie - Rick KriveQuickstep50
21Paris Manouche France - Jerome FabyQuickstep51
22Jitterbug - Dancelife OrchestraQuickstep52
More Information
Artist Various
Total Tracks 22
Vocal Vocal and Instrumental
Shipping Rate 1.0000
Average cost per track Canadian: $1.36 / US: $1.07