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Best of Ballroom Music - Part 19- Vol 40

This double CD of 45 Ballroom tempo tracks was released at the August 2022 German Open. Disc one covers the Waltz and Tango, while disc two includes the Slowfox and Quickstep. Like volume 39, it's Latin companion, this Casa Musica CD features music by original artists.
1Starlight - Natalia Krishtopets and London Studio SymphonyWaltz29
2Buongiorno Principessa - Domenico GalloWaltz29
3Celtic Garden (Gmix) - David Arkenstone ft. David DavidsonWaltz28
4Sometimes When We Touch - Phoebe AndersonWaltz29
5Ninna Nanna Fiorentina - Orchestra Mandolonistica ItalianaWaltz29
6She - Gore JenkinsWaltz29
7The Sand And The Foam - Dan FogelbergWaltz29
8We Are - Simon PhilipsWaltz28
9Life's Lullaby - Don FelderWaltz29
10Theme From 'Ant-Man' - Hollywood Movie StringsTango32
11Tango Per La Libertà - Stefano LentiniTango32
12La Savia - Son'raTango32
13Maleva - Diego RodriguezTango32
14A New Life - MisSissTango32
15Hombre Tanguero - Fausto PedroniTango32
16Jealousy - Danny MalandoTango32
17Last Tango - Vladimir CosmaTango32
18El Choclo - Pedro GonezTango32
19Kiss Me, Hold Me, Love Me  - Kriemhild Maria SiegelViennese Waltz58
20Oceano - Renato CostaViennese Waltz58
21Spancil Hill - Bill CantosViennese Waltz58
22Maria Mari - Mauro NardiViennese Waltz58
23Lucky World - Guy BarkerSlowfox29
24The Birth Of The Blues - Brantley MylesSlowfox28
25Take Me To The Moon - Ana BezjakSlowfox29
26Look What You Started - Peter Sprague Lounge Band ft. Dwayne LawsonSlowfox29
27The Good Life - Gregg TaylorSlowfox28
28Slap That Bass (fm Shall We Dance) - Georgia BrownSlowfox29
29Englishman In New York - Matt SangerSlowfox28
30Lemon Tree - The Lost FingersSlowfox28
31Les Yeux Ouverts (Dream A Little Dream Of Me) - Sylvie VartanSlowfox28
32Dancing In The Dark - Big DaddySlowfox29
33Halo - George White Group ft. Luca GiaccoSlowfox29
34Jein - GoldmeisterQuickstep50
35L'Italiano - Matteo BrancaleoniQuickstep50
36I Went To a Marvellous Party (fm Set To Music) - Beverley KnightQuickstep50
37Playin' At The Copa - Swingin' Daddy DickQuickstep50
38Sevivon Sov, Sov, Sov - Kenny EllisQuickstep50
39The Look - The Swing KingsQuickstep50
40Ain't She Sweet - Patrick LindnerQuickstep50
41Pour Faire Une Jam - BeaudouinQuickstep50
42Parla Piu Piano (fm The Godfather) - DJ Farrapo ft. Maria G LombardiQuickstep50
43Dream Girl - Martin WikstromQuickstep50
44Night And Day (fm Gay Divorce) - Gani TamirQuickstep50
More Information
Artist Various Artists
Total Tracks 44
Vocal Vocal and Instrumental
Shipping Rate 1.0000
Average cost per track Canadian: $0.93 / US: $0.85