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Best of Ballroom Music - Part 16 (Vol 34)

Casa's Best Part 16 is another winner. Starting with wonderful waltzs', strong Tangos'. Track # 19 is a lovely slowfox duet, and ending with track 24 - hot hot Quickstep. You will love this CD!
1Instrument Of Peace - Olivia Newton-JohnWaltz28
2Mo Grahu - CantaraWaltz28
3Lo Lanu - Lev Shelo feat. M.Sklar & C.BellWaltz29
4Velvet Green - Kevin KernWaltz29
5La Luna Hizo Esto - II VoloWaltz29
6Winter's Dream - Hayley WestenraWaltz28
7Tanguera - LafondaTango32
8Angelica - London Music WorksTango32
9Calle Corrientes - Antonio ColucciTango32
10Argentango - Roberto PerazzoliTango32
11Le Marais - RuaV. Waltz59
12Por Que - MarquessV. Waltz58
13In A Spin - Daniel PembertonV. Waltz58
14Pearl - Cirque Du SoleilV. Waltz58
15My Discarded Man - Eartha KittSlowfox28
16The Key Witness - Luis BacalovSlowfox29
17Juke Box - Sugar RaySlowfox29
18Us - Matteo BrancaleoniSlowfox28
19Most Every Night - J.Dunlap & S.LangSlowfox29
20Swing Baby - Ulala SessionQuickstep50
21Hit The Heights - Frank ShelleyQuickstep50
22Agates des Lego - Dimie CatQuickstep50
23Cry Baby - Lady Linn & Her Magnificent SevenQuickstep50
24Rock This Joint - Yanivi feat. Bella PotchyQuickstep50
More Information
Artist Various
Total Tracks 24
Vocal Vocal and Instrumental
Shipping Rate 1.0000
Average cost per track Canadian: $1.25 / US: $0.98