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Club Braziliana

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Part of Dancelife's Giants of Latin series, the latest addition features 24 fresh vocal and instrumental tracks including five slower tempo bonus tracks for practice or shows.
1Carnaval De Futebol - Brazilian Affair (instr.)Samba50
2Rio De Sambadrome - The Dancelife Orch. ft. DJane Aphro (instr.)Samba51
3Club Braziliana - Brazilian AffairSamba52
4Musica Do Carnaval - Glaucus & The Dancelife Orch.Samba52
5Agradable Sorpresa - J. Erlando & His New Latin Band (instr.)Samba50
6Daddy - J.P. SamCha Cha32
7Stomp - René Kipuw & OrchesTrOnalCha Cha32
8Oh Yeah - OrchesTrONal ft. J.P. SamCha Cha32
9Sing A Song - René KipuwCha Cha32
10Bellamore - Loredana Gugliemli & Alfredo CarabelleseRumba25
11Auserwählt - Rosanna Hofman & Sam HuijgensRumba25
12I'm Persuadable - Gascoyne & McKenzieRumba25
13Your Eyes - Lisa McKeen & The Dancelife Orch.Rumba25
14Espana Cani - The Dancelife Orch. (instr.)Pasodoble60
15Ay Mi Sombrero - The Dancelife Orch. (instr.)Pasodoble60
16Blurred Lines - OrchesTrONal ft. The Rosie SingersJive43
17No Sign Of Love - The Dancelife Orch. ft. Tom StanswickJive42
18Jazzbop - Michel GoudreauJive42
19Oh My Baby - James M. Edwards & The Dancelife Orch.Jive43
20Movimientos (slow practise) - Michael A. Levine (instr.)Samba45
21Daddy (Funky Remix) (Bonustrack) - J.P. Sam ft. DJane AphroCha Cha32
22I Depend On You (ShowTrack) - Primo Kim (instr.)Rumba23
23March Of The Matadors (ShowTrack) - The Dancelife Orch. (instr.)Pasodoble60
24Sweet Sugar (slow practise) - G. McFarlane & The Dancelife Orch.Jive32
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Artist Various Artists
Total Tracks 24
Vocal Vocal and Instrumental
Shipping Rate 1.0000
Average cost per track Canadian: $1.25 / US: $0.98