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YesMusic follows the huge success of their first two releases, 'The New Latin Session' and 'Atmosphere' with this dynamic production of 21 unique new compositions by Thomas Heitmann and his artists.
1Leading Melody - Liaison Classique (instr)V. Waltz59
2Under Water - Chris Drave (instr)V. Waltz59
3Keine Sieger - Nina BäumchenV. Waltz59
4Not The End ... - Bretta ClineV. Waltz59
5Wizardry - The Heath Twin Orchestra (instr)V. Waltz59
6Elefthérosi - Liaison ClassiqueTango31
7Tango Del Silencio - stringNbaseTango31
8Tango Oe Salón - The Heath Twin Orchestra (instr)Tango32
9Tango Dubios - Ellen Kaiwait-BorckTango32
10My Fire - Karen KönigQuickstep50
11On A Cruise - Jonathan EickerQuickstep50
12Chasing Horses - The Soft Soles (instr)Quickstep50
13This Is Me - Jonathan Eicker & Timo ZwargSlowfox28
14Non Tradito - Lorenzo Londra (instr)Slowfox28
15Gems Of Life - Ellen Kaiwait-BorckSlowfox28
16Feliz Navidad Y Año Nuevo - Oscar BenitoSlowfox28
17Risanamento - The Heath Twin OrchestraWaltz29
18Princess - Anne BeckerWaltz28
19Liaison Classique - Liaison Classique (instr)Waltz28
20Cup Of Coffee - Nina BäumchenWaltz29
21In The Night - Lorenzo Londra (instr)Waltz28
More Information
Artist Various
Total Tracks 21
Vocal Vocal and Instrumental
Shipping Rate 1.0000
Average cost per track Canadian: $1.43 / US: $1.12