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Hija Cubana

Everyone loves the "Giants of Latin" series. The latest release has a great mixture of tracks, and 3 bonus competition tracks.
1Mucho Mambo - Dancelife OrchestraSamba51
2Playa Fiesta - Dancelife OrchestraSamba50
3E. Barca - Ricardo AlvesSamba50
4Latin Beat - Eric AllanSamba50
5Hija Cubana - Dancelife OrchestraCha Cha32
6Move in Closer - Frank Shelly feat. Dancelife OrchestraCha Cha31
7Black Tie Cha Cha - Michael AlanCha Cha31
852nd Street - VirginieCha Cha31
9Three Words - Dancelife Orchestra feat. Line AdamRumba23
10Luna Latina - Lix Fletcher & Dancelife OrchestraRumba25
11Sexy Rhumba - Bestor OrchestraRumba25
12Fuente Del Gallo - Adriano Lozano Revidie GoRumba25
13Espani Cani - Dancelife OrchestraPasodoble60
14Who's Playin' at the Dance Tonight -Dancelife Orchestra feat Rick RisoJive43
15Jambo Mambo - Devine Ballroom OrchestraJive43
16Gimme a Reason - Jeff TaylorJive43
17If He Could See Me Now - Dwayne SatterfieldJive43
18La Reina De Mi Corazone (Bonus Comp Track)Samba51
19Nightcap - Charlie Brisette - (Bonus Comp TrackCha Cha31
20No Quero Oir - Edward Smith - (Bonus Comp Track)Rumba25
More Information
Artist Various
Total Tracks 20
Vocal Vocal and Instrumental
Shipping Rate 1.0000
Average cost per track Canadian: $1.50 / US: $1.17