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The latest release from Songwriter Thomas Heitmann give you 5 very strong Tangos, and a wonderful mix of emotional vocal and instrumental tracks that you will move you to dance.
1Barcelona - Instrumental - Ponte BlueTango31
2Christiano - Instrumental - Chris DraveTango32
3Sol E Luna - Instrumental - The MedallionsTango32
4El Trend De La Vida - Oscar BenitoTango32
5Game, The - Instrumental - Senor VillanoTango32
6Sky - Instrumental - Chris DraveWaltz28
7In The Dark - Nina BaumchenWaltz29
8Inbound - Jonathan EickerWaltz28
9You're Gone - Karen KonigWaltz28
10Diretto - Instrumental - Ponte BluWaltz29
11True love Isn't Blind - Silke HellerWaltz29
12Wonderful Song, A - Anne BeckerWaltz28
13Around The World - Senor VillanoQuickstep50
14Know It All - Anne BeckerQuickstep50
15Keep Your Head In The Clouds - Timo ZwargSlowfox28
16Follow Me - Instrumental - Old PhoneSlowfox28
17Silver Ribbon - Silke HellerSlowfox28
18Parker & Charles - Instrumental - Old PhoneSlowfox28
19Peppermint Fairy - Jonathan EickerV. Waltz59
20Manor House - Instrumental - The MedallionsV. Waltz50
21At The Store - Anne BeckerV. Waltz59
22Here On Earth - - Instrumental - Ponte BluV. Waltz59
More Information
Artist Various Artists
Total Tracks 22
Vocal Vocal and Instrumental
Shipping Rate 1.0000
Average cost per track Canadian: $1.36 / US: $1.07