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It's Time for Cha Cha

Everyone will buy this CD just to get track 9, and then will be pleasantly surprised when they realize this CD is full of great cha cha's by original artists.
1It's So Nice to Have a Man Around the House - Della ReeseCha Cha25
2Justicia - La CorteCha Cha26
3Oyeme Mama - Johnny PachecoCha Cha27
4Summertime - Billy StewartCha Cha28
5El Bodeguero - Karl ZeroCha Cha29
6Watermelon Man - Poncho SanchezCha Cha30
7Why Don't You Do Right - Della ReeseCha Cha30
8Rio Combo - SwayCha Cha30
9Last Night - Chris Anderson & DJ RobbieCha Cha31
10Sexbomb - Tom Jones With Mouse TCha Cha31
11Bailo - Cecilia GayleCha Cha31
12Mambo - Dana BlondtCha Cha31
13The Cost of Love - ChrissieCha Cha31
14Won't You Join Me for a Drink - LemonCha Cha31
15Enamorandome - Hermana NegraCha Cha31
16El Sol De La Noche - Salsa CelticaCha Cha31
17Mary Ann - Poncho SanchezCha Cha31
18Oyo Como Va - Carlos BoseCha Cha31
19Cuban Pete - Big Band Der BundeswehrCha Cha31
20Gallito - Tanzorchester Hugo StrasserCha Cha31
21City Lights - Karl Schmidt Big BandCha Cha31
22Ti-Pon-Pa - Poncho SanchezCha Cha31
More Information
Artist Various Artists
Total Tracks 22
Vocal Vocal and Instrumental
Shipping Rate 1.0000
Average cost per track Canadian: $1.36 / US: $1.07