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Latin Essential… is Love

The Olivato Dancesport Orchestra has released a wonderful selection of 24 Latin tracks in perfect rhythm. The CD includes both instrumental and vocal tracks arranged by dance making it ideal for teaching or practice.
1Know Your Basic - WatazuSamba51
2Mambossa Hit - Beo Best & Super Lounge Orch.Samba51
3Samba Maravillosa - WatazuSamba51
4Slave to the Rhythm - Olivato DSOSamba51
5Tombolo - Olivato DSOSamba51
6Batuka Bomba - Olivato DSOSamba51
7Complicado - WatazuSamba51
8Vocalizando - Olivato DSOSamba51
9Get on the Move - Olivato DSOSamba51
10100 Days 100 Nights - Olivato DSOCha Cha31
11Mambo Tonight (Olivato Mix) - Jo Jo EffectCha Cha31
12Dear Mr. President (Olivato Mix) - Fitz & The TantrumsCha Cha31
13Clap Your Hands (Olivato Mix) - Johnny PachecoCha Cha31
14Paradise - DJ IceRumba23
15Tantos Deseos De Ella - Olivato DSORumba24
16Where do I Begin (from Love Story) - Olivato DSORumba24
17Indifferentemente - Olivato DSORumba24
18Historia De Un Amor - Olivato DSORumba24
19Mi Iglesia (Olivato Mix) - Lilly GoodmanRumba24
20Piensa En Mi - Olivato DSORumba24
21Un Amore Grande - Olivato DSORumba24
22Do Not Go - Jon TatifaJive43
23Faith - Olivato DSOJive43
24Single Ladies (Watazu Mix) - Jazz All StarsJive43
More Information
Artist Olivator Dancesport Orchestra
Total Tracks 24
Vocal Vocal and Instrumental
Shipping Rate 1.0000
Average cost per track Canadian: $1.25 / US: $0.98