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Latin Music 10

We have to listen very carefully to the music in this 'Latin Music' series. Each CD in this series seems to always include the most talked about track of the dance season, and we get a lot of requests for the song nobody knows the title of, but was heard at last nights dance or competition. Can you sing a little bit?
1Saxpfobia - Allesandro OlivatoSamba51
2Alors On Danse - Jerome LessardSamba51
3Bon Bon - DJ MaximousseSamba51
4Bomba Latina - YarahSamba51
5On The Beach - DJ AkinSamba51
6Pass At Me - Jayzon BSamba51
7Sambaland - Alessandro OlivatoSamba51
8One More Time - DJ LavelleCha Cha31
9Telephone - Delisa & DJ SnyderCha Cha31
10Babarabatiri - KigongoCha Cha31
11Batuka Hot - CuarentaCha Cha31
12Good Feeling - Labaan Featuring CapriceCha Cha31
13Barbra Streisland - DJ Kokayi Featuring HippnosisCha Cha31
14Somebody That I Used To Know - DedrickCha Cha31
15Safe Sound - MarkeshaRumba22
16Thousand Years - Jaelyn ThomasRumba24
17I'm Confessin' That I Love You - KatharinnaRumba24
18Tu Lado (A) - Fernando La TorreRumba24
19Latikas Theme - ChandaRumba24
20Up To Me - The Konga KingRumba25
21Ain't Never (I) - Skeeter DavisJive34
22Get A Job - Memphis BelleJive43
23Rock'N Roll Is Here To Stay - Martin Ray & RayboysJive43
24Smiley Faces - TavisJive43
25Longest Time (The) - The JoelettesJive43
More Information
Artist Various
Total Tracks 25
Vocal Singing
Shipping Rate 1.0000
Average cost per track Canadian: $1.20 / US: $0.94