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Latin Music 13 (2 CDs)

This remarkable new double album of the popular "Latin Music" series contains all the newest Latin Hits. This double CD is terrific and won't disappoint.
1Vente Pa' Ca - DJ Rico LatinoSamba50
2No Lie - DJ Rico LatinoSamba51
3Bata Bata - DJ Rico LatinoSamba50
4Shape Of You - DJ MityaSamba51
5Don't You Need Somebody - DJ Rico LatinoSamba50
6Me Quemo - DJ Rico LatinoSamba51
7Rockabye - DJ MityaSamba51
8Humanos a Marte - DJ Rico LatinoSamba50
9Danco - Ilan AbouSamba50
10Light it Up - DJ Rico LatinoSamba51
11The Greatest - DJ MityaSamba50
12Sofia - DJ Rico LatinoCha Cha31
13Me Comprenda - Maurizio TambletionCha Cha31
14Whip It! - DJ Rico LatinoCha Cha31
15Llego El Bailador - Hadassa CandianiCha Cha31
16Work From Home - DJ MityaCha Cha31
17Besa Mi Piel - DJ Rico LatinoCha Cha31
18Ici Ou La Bas - DJ Rico LatinoCha Cha31
19Push Push - The Latin ClubCha Cha31
20Killing Me Softly (With His Song) - Yuliet TopazCha Cha31
21A Bailar - Patricio CastilloCha Cha31
22Lay it All on Me - The Latin ClubCha Cha31
23Don't be so Shy - The Latin LeagueRumba25
24Cold Water (Piano Version) - DJ MityaRumba25
25Photograph - The Latin LeagueRumba25
26I Hate U I Love U (Clean Version) - DJ MityaRumba25
27Demons - The Latin LeagueRumba25
28Close - DJ MityaRumba25
29Let it All Go - The Latin LeagueRumba25
30We Don't Talk Anymore - DJ MityaRumba25
31My Confession - The Latin LeagueRumba25
32Gravity - DJ MityaRumba25
33Give Me the Night - The Latin LeagueRumba25
34Into You - DJ MityaRumba25
35Hold on Forever - The Latin LeagueJive42
36Big Fat Bass - DJ MityaJive42
37Golden Days - DJ Rico LatinoJive42
38Halo - DJ Rico LatinoJive42
39Count on Me - Swingpop!Jive43
40Donne Moi Une Vie - DJ Rico LatinoJive43
41How You Remind Me - DJ Rico LatinoJive43
42When We Stand Together - DJ Rico LatinoJive43
43Let's Get Loud - The Swing KingsJive43
44Lost on You - Swingpop!Jive43
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Artist Various Artists
Total Tracks 44
Vocal Singing
Shipping Rate 1.0000
Average cost per track Canadian: $0.89 / US: $0.78