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Refreshing new latin sounds for your dancing pleasure. Thomas Heitman and his team present 20 unique and new compositions plus one alternative piano version as a bonus track. This CD will make a wonderful additon to your music library.
1Don't Go Dying - Sandra Blake-LangeCha Cha30
2Loungefever - (Instrumental) - Zoey & AloeCha Cha30
3Ride - Nina BaumchenCha Cha31
4It Is - Anne BeckerCha Cha31
5Pursuit - The - Sandra Blake-LangeCha Cha31
6Minimalismo - (Instrumental) - Foot Rule ClubSamba52
7Pull The Trigger - (Instrumental) - Zoey & AloeSamba45
8Jungle Of Suburbia - Sandra Blake-Lange & Time ZwargSamba50
9My Loveboat - (Instrumental) - Our LouisaSamba50
10M.A.Y.B.E. - Karen KonigSamba45
11El Clarinete - (Instrumental) - Senor VillanoRumba25
12Anything You Have To Say - Jonathan EickerRumba25
13Once - Anne BeckerRumba25
14Arandano - (Instrumental) - Martin RaethRumba25
15Felino - Sandra Blake-LangeRumba25
16Faraway Waves - (Instrumental) - Senor VillanoRumba25
17Wonder Why - I - Nina BaumchenRumba25
18Schief - Anne BeckerJive40
19Blond Girls - Timo ZwargJive42
20My Neighbour - Anne Becker & Stefan RozyczkaJive42
21Wonder Why - I - (Piano Version) - Nina BaumchenRumba25
More Information
Artist Various Artists
Total Tracks 21
Vocal Vocal and Instrumental
Shipping Rate 1.0000
Average cost per track Canadian: $1.43 / US: $1.12