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Masters of Modern 16

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The sixteenth CD in this popular series includes 40 inspirational standard tracks by the original artist. Add this to your collection of great dance music.
1Princess Ring, The - Colin GoldWaltz29
2Moonlight Song - Mabel KiWaltz28
3Luna Sorrientina - PandreWaltz27
4Victorian Romance - Dancelife OrchestraWaltz27
5Siempre - Sylvio HispieTango28
6Tango Argentina - Henny Hernandez & His OrchestraTango31
7Tango En Rojo - Resplandor (not original artist)Tango28
8Tango Frio - Henny Hernandex & His OrchestraTango23
9Look Over There - Silver Stage Orchestra & Cast (not original artist)V. Waltz59
10Look Over There - Silver Stage Orchestra & Cast (not original artist)V. Waltz59
11Estudiantina - Dancelife OrchestraV. Waltz59
12Mes Emmerdes - Charles Aznavour (not original artist)Slowfox31
13When You Find Love - Chuck HillSlowfox25
14Bouncin Runners - Les Brown & Billy MaySlowfox30
15Slippery Snake - Tiger CharlesSlowfox30
16In The Mood - Tony Burgos OrchestraQuickstep50
17Cllub Swing - The Go DaddiesQuickstep53
18Sitting Pretty - West End Orchestra (not original artist)Quickstep52
19You and Me and the Bottles Makes 3 Tonight - Tony Burgos Orch.Quickstep51
20Autumn Mood - Dancelife Orchestra (Show Track)Waltz29
21Englisches Pralidium - Dancelife Orchestra (Show Track)Tango29
22Jardin Fiorido, A- Dino Hernando and his Orchestra - Practice TrackV. Waltz59
23Roxanne - Jason Clark (not original artist) Slow Practice TrackSlowfox23
24Cycle Race Rhythm - The Go Daddies - Practice TrackQuickstep52
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Artist Various
Total Tracks 24
Vocal Singing
Shipping Rate 1.0000
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