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Musica di Amore

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Dance to romantic ballroom hits from Italy. This CD has increditble waltzes and is a great value with 23 tracks.
1Lo Ci Saro - Rosena, L.Finocchi, F.LotoWaltz28
2Il Tempo Di Noi - Rosena, F.LotoWaltz28
3Way Of Love - Rosena, L.Finocci, F.Loto, M.SentomoWaltz28
4Vorrei Volare - Rosena, L.Finocci, F.LottoWaltz28
5My Friend - B..FinocchiWaltz28
6Canzone Di Marinella - E.Moni/F.DandreWaltz29
7Promesa - Rosena, F.Loto, C.Lo PresiTango30
8Estate - Rosena, F.Loto, C. Lo PrestiTango31
9Tango Appasionato - Rosena, F.Loto, C. Lo PrestiTango31
10Tango Amico - Rosena, L.Finochi,F.Loto, C Lo PrestiTango31
11Di Amore - Rosena, L.Finocchi, F.Loto, C. Lo PrestiV. Waltz58
12I Can Believe - Rosena, M.SentomoV. Waltz58
13Anima Viennese - C Lo Presti, SchiovoV. Waltz58
14Luci Alla Balera - Panasso, PantaleoV. Waltz58
15Giro - Rosena, F.Loto, C. Lo PrestiV. Waltz57
16Rags To Riches - R.Adler, J.RossFoxtrot28
17Forget You - Rosena, M.Sentomo, FranciaFoxtrot28
18I Wanna Be Loved By You - H.Ruby, H.Stathart/B.KalmarFoxtrot29
19I Pray - Rosena, F.Loto, SantomoFoxtrot28
20My Little Village - RosenaQuickstep50
21Sotto Sotto - Panasso, PantaleoQSQuickstep50
22I Wanna Be - L.FinocchiQuickstep50
23Sing A Song - R.Ferracin, O.BacciocchiQuickstep50
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Artist Various
Total Tracks 23
Vocal Singing
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