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NDMI Ballroom Creation

This new NDMI production features 17 instrumental and 7 vocal ballroom tracks from Olivato Orchestra and famed sound-mixing dance DJs, DJ Maxsy and DJ Ice which adds to the contemporary sound of this standard strict time CD. Pair this release with its companion CD, 'Latin Magic' from the same artists for a complete ballroom and latin dance experience.
1Un Amore Per Sempre (A Love That's Forever) - Olivato OrchestraWaltz28
2Addio Mia Cara (instr) - Olivato OrchestraWaltz28
3The Place I'll Return To Someday - Dj IceWaltz29
4I'm Kissing You (from Romeo & Juliet) - Olivato OrchestraWaltz28
5Non Finirai Non Finirò - Olivato OrchestraWaltz28
6Mio Bello Amore (Cirque Du Soleil) (instr) - Olivato OrchestraWaltz28
7My Feelings (instr) - Johny MWaltz28
8Adoremus (instr) - Olivato OrchestraWaltz28
9Luizjana (instr) - Olivato OrchestraTango32
10El Caballero (instr) - Olivato OrchestraTango32
11Sugar (instr) - Dj MaksyTango32
12Habanera (from ‘Carmen’) (instr) - Olivato OrchestraTango32
13A Media Luz (instr) - Olivato OrchestraTango32
14Lifeline - Olivato OrchestraV. Waltz56
15I Believe In You (instr) - Dj IceV. Waltz59
16Konzertu (instr) - Olivato OrchestraV. Waltz58
17A Thousand Years (from Twilight) (instr) - Dj IceV. Waltz59
18The Last Waltz (from ‘Oldboy’) (instr) - Olivato OrchestraV. Waltz58
19Something 'Bout Love (instr) - Dj IceV. Waltz59
20Never Give Up - Olivato OrchestraSlowfox28
21A Touch Of Blues (instr) - Olivato OrchestraSlowfox28
22Lovers - Olivato OrchestraSlowfox28
23Dance Evolution - Olivato OrchestraQuickstep50
24Puttin' On The Ritz (instr) - Olivato OrchestraQuickstep50
More Information
Artist Various
Total Tracks 24
Vocal Vocal and Instrumental
Shipping Rate 1.0000
Average cost per track Canadian: $1.25 / US: $0.98