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NDMI Ballroom Kings

Primarily an instrumental CD, with only 4 of the 24 tracks having any vocals, this album's focus is strong captivating melodies. Waltzes also have a starring role on this ballroom CD, with nine slow waltzes and six Viennese waltzes.
1Fly (instr) - Olivato Dancesport Orch.Waltz29
2Dreaming Your Love (instr) - Olivato Dancesport Orch.Waltz29
3Within the Blue Suite (2nd Movement) (instr) - M. NesbittWaltz29
4Stringendo Un Sogno (instr) - Olivato Dancesport Orch.Waltz29
5Cloud (instr) - Olivato Dancesport Orch.Waltz29
6Skinny Love (instr) - DJ IceWaltz29
7There Is No Night (instr) - M.NesbittWaltz29
8Malinconica (instr) - Olivato Dancesport Orch.Waltz29
9Je t'aime Encore une Fois (Instr) - Olivato Dancesport Orch.Waltz29
10Made Of - Viola MartinssonTango32
11Pa Bailar (instr) - BajofondoTango32
12Retango (instr) - Olivato Dancesport Orch.Tango32
13The Last Day (instr) - Olivato Dancesport Orch.Viennese Waltz58
14Crazy in Love (instr) - DJ Maksy & DJ IceViennese Waltz59
15Give Me Love - Olivato Dancesport Orch.Viennese Waltz58
16Medley Vienna (instr.)  - Olivato Dancesport Orch.Viennese Waltz58
17Waltz From My Sweet and Tender Beast (instr) - Eugen DogaViennese Waltz58
18Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman (instr)- Olivato DS Orch.Viennese Waltz58
19So Easy (instr) - Olivato Dancesport Orch.Slowfox28
20Tango to Evora (instr) - Olivato Dancesport Orch.Slowfox28
21Theme From Dexter (instr) - DJ IceSlowfox29
22Double Swing! (instr) - Olivato Dancesport Orch.Slowfox28
23The King Of the Quick - Olivato Dancesport Orch.Quickstep50
24The Rhythm of the Night - Olivato Dancesport Orch.Quickstep50
More Information
Artist Olivator Dancesport Orchestra
Total Tracks 24
Vocal Vocal and Instrumental
Shipping Rate 1.0000
Average cost per track Canadian: $1.25 / US: $0.98