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NDMI Presents: Ballroom Energy

The follow up of the successful Ballroom Passion contains some beautiful instrumental melodies. It also includes a Slow Waltz (track # 4 ) that is not strict time, as it was produced for a show dance performance..
1Heart Asks Pleasure First, - (from 'The Piano') - Olivato OrchestraWaltz28
2Alibi - (Instrumental) - Olivato OrchestraWaltz27
3Sunshine Day - Olivato OrchestraWaltz28
4Falling - Olivato OrchestraWaltz0
5Segreti - Olivato OrchestraWaltz28
6Moment, A - Roberto MuscolinoWaltz28
7Autumn - Olivato OrchestraWaltz27
8Sicily - Olivato OrchestraTango32
9El Choclo - Olivato OrchestraTango32
10Say Something - Olivato OrchestraTango32
11Tango Por Fabio - Olivato OrchestraTango32
12Say Something - DJ IceV. Waltz59
13Alla Francese - Olivato OrchestraV. Waltz57
14At Last - Olivato OrchestraV. Waltz57
15Serce Cygana - Olivato OrchestraV. Waltz57
16Theme from "James Bond" - DJ IceSlowfox29
17Help Me - Olivato OrchestraSlowfox28
18Best Day Of My Life - The - Olivato OrchestraSlowfox28
19Stolen Moments - Olivato OrchestraSlowfox28
20Bip Bap - Olivato OrchestraQuickstep50
21Scapricciatello - Olivato OrchestraQuickstep50
22Dance In Time - Olivato OrchestraQuickstep50
More Information
Artist Alessandro Olivato
Total Tracks 22
Vocal Vocal and Instrumental
Shipping Rate 1.0000
Average cost per track Canadian: $1.36 / US: $1.07