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Oversway (2 CD Set)

DJ Maksy & Avera, two dancesport DJs with names you may recognize from their previous collaborations with other dance music producers, have released their first double CD set together. A thoughtful selection of standard tracks arranged by dance makes this a compelling first release.
1Hunter - Avera ft. Rosie WhittleWaltz29
2Amar Pelos Dois (English version) - DJ Maksy ft. AnaritaWaltz29
3Ballad of the Goddess (from The Legend of Zelda) - AveraWaltz29
4Portrait of Tenderness (from Chobits) - AveraWaltz29
5Lala Lala Song (from American Horror Story) - Avera ft. L.CoubertWaltz29
6Midna's Lament (from The Legend Of Zelda) - AveraWaltz29
7My Love (from Twilight) - DJ MaksyWaltz29
8The Spider, the Old Woman, the Girl (from Hell Girl) - AveraWaltz29
9At This Moment - DJ MaksyWaltz28
10Dive - DJ Maksy ft. Rosie WhittleWaltz30
11Amar Pelos Dois - DJ Maksy ft. AnaritaWaltz29
12Can't Get You Out of My Head - DJ MaksyTango32
13My Way - DJ MaksyTango32
14Outside - DJ MaksyTango32
15Summer - DJ MaksyTango32
16Lovely (from 13 Reasons Why) - Avera ft. Rosie Whittle & ZER0Viennese Waltz59
17Comme des Enfants - DJ MaksyViennese Waltz59
18Get Lucky - AveraViennese Waltz59
19Crazy in Love (from 50 Shades of Grey) - DJ Maksy ft. DJ lceViennese Waltz59
20Le Petite Mort - DJ MaksyViennese Waltz59
21Ice Ice Baby - AveraSlowfox29
22Love Me Again - RemotionSlowfox29
23Sweet Dreams - AveraSlowfox29
24What is Love - DJ MaksySlowfox29
25Why Don't You do Right - AveraSlowfox29
26Diamonds - RemotionSlowfox29
27Hotline Bling - DJ MaksySlowfox29
28I Want it That Way - AveraSlowfox29
29Call Me Maybe - DJ MaksyQuickstep50
30Sorry - DJ MaksyQuickstep50
31Lean On - AveraQuickstep50
32Talk Dirty - AveraQuickstep50
33When We Stand Together - DJ MaksyQuickstep50
34Careless Whisper - DJ MaksyQuickstep50
35Greedy - AveraQuickstep50
36Thrift Shop - AveraQuickstep50
37La Felicita - DJ MaksyQuickstep51
38I'm Done - AveraViennese Waltz59
39You Don't Own Me (from Suicide Squad) - AveraViennese Waltz59
40All I Need (from The Vampire Diaries) - AveraViennese Waltz59
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Artist Various Artists
Total Tracks 40
Vocal Singing
Shipping Rate 1.0000
Average cost per track Canadian: $0.97 / US: $0.87