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Prandi Service: Ballroom Freedom

A balanced mix of 8 vocal tracks and 15 instrumental tracks will take you to the floor ready to dance all night. Fans of instrumental selections will want this in their collection.
1Grande AmoreWaltz28
2Arimara Tema - InstrumentalWaltz28
3White Lullaby - InstrumentalWaltz28
4Fatti Avanti AmoreTango32
5Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence - InstrumentalTango32
6Sarabande - InstrumentalTango32
7The CurseViennese Waltz60
8Irelandia - InstrumentalViennese Waltz58
9WhisperingViennese Waltz60
10Redemention SongSlowfox28
11Penny LaneSlowfox28
12Che Cosa C'e'Slowfox28
14The Love Cats - InstrumentalQuickstep50
15The 'Muppet Show" Theme - InstrumentalQuickstep50
16Grand Amore - InstrumentalWaltz28
17Fatti Avanti Amore - InstrumentalTango32
18The Curse - InstrumentalViennese Waltz60
19Whispering - InstrumentalViennese Waltz60
20Redemption Song - InstrumentalSlowfox28
21Penny Lane - InstrumentalSlowfox28
22Che Cosa C'e' - InstrumentalSlowfox28
23Freedom - InstrumentalQuickstep49
More Information
Artist E. Musicali
Total Tracks 23
Vocal Vocal and Instrumental
Shipping Rate 1.0000
Average cost per track Canadian: $1.30 / US: $1.02