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The Boris Myagkov Big Band with the singers Nadia Ivanova & Gregory Lavysh is one of the most popular dance orchestras in Germany at the present time, playing at the German Open Championships.. All the tracks are vocal except for the Paso Dobles.
3Mi Chica'smSamba50
4Quando, Quando, QuandoSamba50
5Night Like This, ACha Cha31
6Whatever Lola Wants (Lola Gets)Cha Cha31
7Isn't She LovelyCha Cha31
8Al No CorridaCha Cha30
9If You Leave Me NowRumba25
10Fields of GoldRumba25
12Beautiful Maria of my SoulRumba25
13My Baby YouRumba25
14Cantos De SirenaRumba25
15El BailadorPasodoble59
16Espani CaniPasodoble59
17El SsecondoPasodoble59
18A Tisket, A TasketJive43
19Jump, Jive An' WailJive43
20Goody GoodyJive43
21That ManJive43
22Every Breath You TakeJive43
More Information
Artist Boris Myagkov Big Band
Total Tracks 22
Vocal Vocal and Instrumental
Shipping Rate 1.0000