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The Latin Remixes - Vol 1

DJs Maksy from Estonia and DJ DLVG from France are DJs who are part of a new trend of young dancesport dancers who are remixing contemporary music with new sounds and rhythms to create new styles of ballroom and latin music . Because of the immense popularity of their creations on the Internet many are working with traditional ballroom music producers like Dancelife to provide contemporary music with new Modern Latin rhythms and to mix it with strong beats. A must have CD.
1Esta Es La MusicaSamba51
3Es Pa Ti Mi VidaSamba51
4Samba AfricanaSamba51
5Boriqua's AnthemSamba51
6Son De MozartCha Cha31
7Big NoiseCha Cha31
8CarinoCha Cha32
9EverythingCha Cha31
10Oye Como VaCha Cha32
11CafÚ MariaCha Cha31
12Jesus To A ChildRumba25
13Song From A Secret GardenRumba25
14Mis Noches Sin TiRumba25
15Con Los AnosRumba24
16Espana Cani 2013Pasodoble61
18Would YouJive43
19Me Gustas TuJive43
20Twist & ShoutJive41
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Artist Dancelife
Total Tracks 21
Vocal Singing
Shipping Rate 1.0000
Average cost per track Canadian: $1.43 / US: $1.12