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The Magic of Rumba

One beautiful Rumba after another. A must have CD for dancing and listening pleasure. The first 11 tracks are practice tracks, the remaining 12 are competition speed.
1Mis Tres Notas - Omar SosaRumba19
2Imagine - Bossa Nova All-Star EnsembleRumba20
3Somos - Jose FelicianoRumba22
4From Here to Eternity - Engelbert HumperdinckRumba23
5Warum Nicht Wir - Purple SchulzRumba24
6On Days Like These - Peter GrantRumba24
7Lo So Che Finira - Anna TatangeloRumba24
8Esta Noche Serena - Helmut LottiRumba24
9Dolores Dulces - Beto and The FairlanesRumba24
10Amor Mio - Frank SarkRumba24
11Something More - Matt ZarleyRumba24
12Bohemio - Chucho AvellanetRumba25
13From Both Sides - Dana WinnerRumba25
14Whatever Lola Wants - Janice HaganRumba25
15La Nieve - Angelitos NegrosRumba25
16Jamaica Farewell - Freddy ColeRumba25
17Tres Palabras - Roberto BlancoRumba25
18Mexican Divorce - The DriftersRumba25
19Boom Boom Ba - MetisseRumba25
20To The Lifeboats - Thomas DolbyRumba25
21Binary Sunset (from Star Wars) - Evil Genius OrchestraRumba25
22Speak Low - Billie HolidayRumba25
23Manha De Carnaval - Empress OrchestraRumba26
More Information
Artist Various
Total Tracks 23
Vocal Singing
Shipping Rate 1.0000
Average cost per track Canadian: $1.30 / US: $1.02