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The New Latin Session

Produced by two former German professional competitive dancers and well known choreographers, this CD features
1IntroNot Listed
2Back Beat - Foot Rule ClubCha Cha31
3Open Sesame - Carina De Jesus & Dirk HeidemannSamba50
4Do You Know - Jonathan EickerRumba24
5Berries For Breakfast - Bretta ClineJive42
6Dress Up - Sandra Blake-LangeCha Cha31
7El Triunfador - ComBomGostoPasodoble62
8Nectar And Ambrosia - Zoey & AloëSamba50
9Do It - A.Louis KruinRumba25
10Neverending Chachacha - Jonathan EikerCha Cha32
11Sundown Desert Chillout - Anne BeckerJive42
12Rescue Me - Zoey & AloëSamba50
13Spanish Frangrance - Martin RaethRumba25
14Light Effect - Foot Rule ClubSamba51
15Louis And His Gang - A.Louis KruinCha Cha31
16My Love For You - Anne BeckerRumba25
17Call Me - Karen DoldererCha Cha31
18Cotton Candy Heart - Anne BeckerJive42
19Sulamith - ComBomGostoRumba25
20Why - Zoey & AloëSamba53
21A Cocktail - Carina De Jesus & J.EickerCha Cha31
22Surprise - A.Louis Kruin & Dirk HeidemannJive35
23Show - Svetlana & Armen - Thomas HeitmannNot Listed
More Information
Artist Various
Total Tracks 23
Vocal Singing
Shipping Rate 1.0000
Average cost per track Canadian: $1.30 / US: $1.02