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Very Ballroom 4

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DJ Ice provides dancers with remixes of current and popular hits, creating a CD that includes all five standard dances in strict time, arranged in succession, making it ideal for teaching and practice. This CD is part of a popular series.
1Mad World - Dj Ice (orig. Tears For Fears)Waltz28
2Mia and Sebastian’s Theme - Dj Ice (from La La Land)Waltz28
3The Last Goodbye - Dj Ice (from The Hobbit)Waltz29
4Beauty and the Beast - Dj Ice (from Beauty And The Beast 2017)Waltz28
5Young and Beautiful - Dj Ice (orig. Lana Del Rey)Waltz29
6Je Suis Malade - Dj Ice (orig. Lara Fabian)Waltz29
7What Must be Done - Dj Ice (from Assassination of Jesse James)Waltz28
8Alone - Dj Ice feat. Lenna (orig. Alan Walker)Waltz28
9Hello - Dj Ice (orig. Lionel Richie)Waltz29
10Cara Mia - Eric TingstadWaltz29
11Beat It (Electro Tango Version) - Marea Tango (ft. Javier Yuch)Tango32
12Dance Tango - Antonio ColucciTango32
13Paparazzi - Dj Ice (orig. Lady Gaga)Tango32
14Mi Alma -Athos BassissiTango32
15Take Me to Church - Dj Ice (orig. Hozier)Tango32
16Rodeo - Roberto ScaglioniTango32
17There’s Nothing Holding Me Back - Dj Ice (orig. Shawn Mendes)Tango32
18Segreto - Andrea ScalaTango32
19Perfect - Dj Ice (orig. Ed Sheeran)Viennese Waltz59
20Love Yourself - Dj Ice (orig. Justin Bieber)Viennese Waltz59
21Say Something - Dj Ice (orig. Great Big World ft. C.Aguilera)Viennese Waltz59
22Cries and Whispers - Lee Ji Soon (from Old Boy)Viennese Waltz59
23Firework - Dj Ice (orig. Katy Perry)Slowfox28
24Moves Like Jagger - Dj Ice (orig. Maroon 5)Slowfox29
25Miss Kiss Kiss Bang - Alex Swings Oscar SingsSlowfox29
26Love You I Do - Dj Ice (orig. Jennifer Hudson - from Dreamgirls)Slowfox29
27All About That Bass - Dj Ice (orig. Meghan Trainor)Slowfox29
28City of Stars - Dj Ice (from La La Land)Slowfox28
29Jacob’s Bakery - Dj Ice (from Fantastic Beasts)Slowfox28
30Englishman in New York - Berk and The Virtual BandSlowfox28
31Please Don’t Tease - Club Des BelugasSlowfox29
32Like a Prayer - Dj Ice (orig. Madonna)Slowfox29
33Boom Chiqui Boom - Arturo DominguezSlowfox29
34Hello - Moonlight BreakfastQuickstep50
35V.E.S.P.A - Dimie CatQuickstep50
36Sorry - Dj Ice (orig. Justin Bieber)Quickstep50
37Thinking Out Loud - Dj Ice (orig.Ed Sheeran)Quickstep51
38She’s Undressed to Kill - Tape FiveQuickstep50
39Another Day of Sun - Dj Ice (from La La Land)Quickstep51
40Les Boulevards de Paris (Club des Belugas Remix) - A.VilloutreixQuickstep50
41Adieu - Dj Ice (orig. Coeur De Pirate)Quickstep50
42It Don’t Mean a Thing - Dj Ice (orig.Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga)Quickstep51
43Swingin’ at the Savoy - Mitch Woods and his Rocket 88’sQuickstep50
44Born This Way - Dj Ice (orig. Lady Gaga)Quickstep51
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Artist Various Artists
Total Tracks 44
Vocal Vocal and Instrumental
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