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Very Ballroom 6

This 2 CD set continues the collaboration between WRD Music & DJ Ice and provides dancers with strict-time remixes of current and popular hits made famous by artists such as Adele, Ariana Grande, and Lady Gaga, or have been featured on screen with music from Game of Thrones and Disney blockbusters. All five standard dances are arranged in succession, making it ideal for teaching and practice.
1I Take You My Heart - The String FamilyWaltz29
2Jenny of Oldstones - Dj Ice ft. Avery (from Game Of Thrones)Waltz29
3Speechless - Dj Ice ft. Jonna (from Aladdin 2019)Waltz29
4Autumn Equinox - Cynthia JordanWaltz29
5Everything I Need - Dj Ice ft. Lenna (from Aquaman)Waltz29
6Part of Your World - Dj Ice ft. Natasha (from The Little Mermaid)Waltz29
7Moon River - David DavidsonWaltz29
8The Rest of His Days - Anne TakleWaltz29
9Make You Feel My Love - Dj Ice ft. Jonna (orig. Adele)Waltz29
10Can You Feel the Love Tonight – Dj Ice (from The Lion King)Waltz29
11Sirius - Jia Peng Fang (from Faraway)Waltz29
12Mi Busqueda - Milonga RMX - Hispánico LatinoTango32
13Bad Guy - Dj Ice (orig. Billie Eilish)Tango32
14Billie Jean (Tango Version) - RaMa ft. ArkiRockTango32
15Nostalgia Tango - Orchestra Matteo TassiTango32
16Under Pressure - Dj Ice (orig. Queen & David Bowie)Tango32
17Lovers on the Sun - Ariah (orig David Guetta)Tango32
18Ddu-Du Ddu-Du - Dj Ice (orig. BlackPink)Tango32
19Valentine's Dance Tango - Jeff Steinberg (Another Cinderella Story)Tango32
20Amores de Cristal - LujaViennese Waltz58
21Time To Say Goodbye – Dj Ice (orig. Andrea Bocelli)Viennese Waltz59
227 Rings – Dj Ice (orig. Ariana Grande)Viennese Waltz59
23The Rains of Castamere – Dj Ice (from Game Of Thrones)Viennese Waltz59
24Kiss - McEndoz ft. Heron BorelliSlowfox29
25Why Don't You Do Right - Barbara ZichichiSlowfox29
26Paparazzi - Couture Chic (orig. Lady Gaga)Slowfox29
27Senorita - Dj Ice (orig. Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello)Slowfox29
28Can't Buy Me Love - Nick The NightflySlowfox29
29The Final Countdown - Sugarpie And The CandymenSlowfox29
30Killer Queen - Dj Ice (orig. Queen)Slowfox29
31Don't You Worry Baby - Tom GaebelSlowfox29
32You've Got a Friend In Me - Dj Ice (from Toy Story)Slowfox29
33Let It Be - Sugarpie And The CandymenSlowfox29
34Adventure Of A Lifetime - Circle 99Slowfox29
35Mad Man - Tom GaebelSlowfox50
36Well Swung - Swing CitySlowfox50
37Bad - Sugarpie And The CandymenSlowfox50
38Steppin’ Out With My Baby – Dj Ice (orig. Tony Bennett)Slowfox50
39Acme Swing Co. - Acme Swing CompanySlowfox50
40Don't Worry - Tone DamliSlowfox50
41I Was Made For Loving You - LumiereSlowfox50
42Wings - Di Ice (orig. Little Mix)Slowfox50
43Queen Bee - Rochelle DiamanteSlowfox50
44L'Italiano - Matteo BrancaleoniSlowfox50
45Mastro Geppetto - Edoardo BennatoSlowfox50
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Artist Various Artists
Total Tracks 45
Vocal Singing
Shipping Rate 1.0000
Average cost per track Canadian: $0.86 / US: $0.89