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Very Ballroom - 2 CD Set

Wow, this one is really special -- it includes the latest songs from the charts and tunes from video games. Track 12 on CD2 - Crazy In Love - is a fabulous quickstep.
1River Flows In You - from æThe Twilight ZoneÆ (remix)Waltz28
2Try - Pink (remix)Waltz29
3Let It Go - from æFrozenÆ (remix) Vocal by Jonna MaeWaltz29
4Rain - (remix)Waltz29
5To Zanarkand - from æFinal Fantasy XÆ (remix)Waltz29
6Skinny Love - ôBirdyö (remix) Vocal by LennaWaltz29
7The Ludlows - from æLegends Of The FallÆ (remix)Waltz29
8Suteki Da Ne (IsnÆt It Wonderful) - from æFinal Fantasy XÆ (remix)Waltz29
9I Look To You - ôWhitney Houstonö (remix) Vocal by InaWaltz29
10Time - from æInceptionÆ (remix)Waltz29
11If We Are In Love - from æThe Classic' (remix)Waltz29
12Sweet Dreams - TanghettoTango32
13Be Prepared - from æThe Lion KingÆ (remix)Tango32
14El Tango Rojo - CafÚ RomaTango32
15Avengers Theme - from æThe AvengersÆ (remix)Tango32
16Discombobulate - from æSherlock HolmesÆ (remix)Tango32
17Tanguedia III - Astor PiazzolaTango32
18Skyfall - ôAdeleö (remix)Tango32
19Eleanor Rigby - SuperTango feat. ItuanaTango32
20Waltz Of Accordion - Terdik Miklos (remix)V. Waltz60
21Bound To You - DÚjÓ Vu cover remixV. Waltz59
22Butterfly Waltz - (remix)V. Waltz59
23True - Jamie LancasterSlowfox28
24Billie Jean - Karen SouzaSlowfox29
25Dolce Vita - Ely BrunaSlowfox29
26Business Of Love - PMC StarsSlowfox29
27A Hard DayÆs Night - Deborah DixonSlowfox29
28I Wish You Love - Tony DeSareSlowfox29
29People Hold On - ReJazzSlowfox29
30Applause - Lady Gaga (remix) vocal by LennaSlowfox29
31Les Yeux Ouverts - Roxane DelSlowfox29
3216 Tons - LeAnn RimesSlowfox29
33Please Be Kind - Gary WilliamsSlowfox29
34Crazy In Love - Swing RepublicQuickstep50
35Show Me How You Burlesque - The New Burlesque Show BandQuickstep50
36PuttinÆ On The Pin Stripe Suit - Chris Walden Big BandQuickstep50
37Lady Swing - Lyre Le TempsQuickstep50
38Cinnamon Girl In The Sun - Boban I Marko Markovic OrchQuickstep50
39Brown Derby Jump - Cherry PoppinÆ DaddiesQuickstep50
40Dream Come True - Alan Ett Big BandQuickstep50
41The Sound Of Swing Part 2 - Kenneth BragerQuickstep49
42But Now I Am Back - Pink MartiniQuickstep50
43Pantaloons - Tape Five feat. Yuliet TopazQuickstep50
44Wonderwall - Berk & The Virtual BandQuickstep50
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Artist Various
Total Tracks 44
Vocal Vocal and Instrumental
Shipping Rate 1.0000
Average cost per track Canadian: $0.95 / US: $0.85