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Do I Need Practice Shoes?

Practice Shoes on display

Why do dancers wear practice shoes? Besides the obvious reasons of comfort, and foot health, there can be financial benefits as well. By saving the satin, patent, and glitzy dance shoes for evening dancing, dancers find that their performance and evening styles last longer, preserving the ‘new’ look for the bright lights of the dance floor.

How to Buy Dance Shoes Without a Fitting

Buying dance shoes without a proper fitting may seem like a recipe for disaster, or at the very least a lot of trouble and aggravation if they do not fit. Whether you are unable get a fitting due to the pandemic, our move, or your location, we have advice to make it easy, and maximize […]

Ballroom Dance Shoe Trends for the 2019/20 Season.

European Ballroom and Latin Dance Shoes, as created by the master shoemakers, are constantly evolving. The top ballroom dance shoe companies who have a long tradition of innovation, consult with the world\’s best dancers to meet their needs and desires as well as take inspiration from the latest looks in popular European footwear. Innovation: driven […]

A Return Policy That’s Fair for All

We believe we have an ethical responsibility to keep price our products based on what it costs us to provide them to you as opposed to what the market will bear. That\’s why our prices can fluctuate when the Euro, Pound, and Dollar experience a significant¬†change. Most companies raise their prices when costs soar due […]

Eight Reasons Why Brides Love Dance Shoes

7 Reasons why brides love dance shoes

When a dancer gets married, she already knows the benefits of dance shoes and how they differ from other shoes. But if you\’re not a dancer you don\’t realize there\’s a difference. How many times have you seen a bride hike up her dress and dance in bare feet because she lasted longer than her […]

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