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About Dance Plus Inc.

Rashmi Patel, President of International Dance Shoes, and Barbara Wilson, president of Dance Plus celebrate a 35 year business relationship.

Rashmi & Barbara

About Dance Plus

Dance Plus is a ballroom dance supply company that sells ballroom dance supplies from all over the world to dancers everywhere. In addition to dance shoes and strict-time dance music, we also sell DVDs, books, and accessories. We want dancing to be fun, comfortable, safe, and most of all for everyone. We are a Canadian company with the majority of our customers living in North America. We have been in business since 1981 and we have a store in west Toronto in Ontario, Canada.

Contact Information

Dance Plus, 22A Dorchester Ave, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M8Z 4W3
Telephone: 416-251-5998
Toll Free in N.A.: 888-844-4122
Fax: 416-251-9892
Order Desk Email:


Map to Store

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About International Dance Shoes of England

International Dance Shoes (IDS) is one of the first and largest ballroom dance shoe manufacturers in the world. They have a large catalog of over 200 models. International Dance shoes are described by many dancers as the most comfortable shoes they've ever worn. It's not only ballroom dancers that appreciate the construction and design of International Dance Shoes, as brides, club dancers, cruise staff, and anyone who feels that a comfortable high heel shoe is important. These shoes come in such a wide range of sizes and widths that anyone can wear an International Dance Shoe.

International Dance Shoes is the company who first invented ladies heels which are a little wider at the bottom than in the middle to provide more stability. Their design called the IDS heel was then reproduced by all other companies under the name 'flare' or 'flared' heels.

Marcus and Karen Hilton MBE, multiple Professional British Open and World Champions spent their entire dancing life in International dance shoes. International is a supporter and sponsor of dance competitions and competitive dancers all over the world.

About the site

We've tried to build the site we'd like to shop at, with large pictures, lots of product information, lots of choice, etc. Your feedback is greatly appreciated and will help us to provide the best service possible. In the meantime, we are working hard to provide you with an Internet site that lives up the high standard of service we have always maintained at Dance Plus since our beginning in 1981.