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Dance Plus is Moving

Our landlord ended our lease, get the details and find out what's next.

While we are currently closed due to the Toronto lockdown, we have to leave the space by February 28th. We plan to find a new location and we plan on opening a new store when we all can dance again and social dances, competitions, and dance lessons have resumed. [READ MORE]

The latest from our blog

How to Buy Dance Shoes Without a Fitting

Here's how to eliminate the risk of getting the wrong size or fit.

Buying dance shoes without a proper fitting may seem like a recipe for disaster, or at the very least a lot of trouble and aggravation if they do not fit. Whether you are unable get a fitting due to the pandemic, our move, or your location, we have advice to make it easy, and maximize your chances of getting dance shoes that will be just as comfortable as a pair for which you were fitted. [READ MORE]

The latest from our blog

Our return policy is easy

We take the risk out of buying dance shoes

We believe we have an ethical responsibility to keep price our products based on what it costs us to provide them to you as opposed to what the market will bear. That's why our... [READ MORE]