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Ballroom Symphony

CA $29.95
This popular series never disappoints. 24 unique and new standard hits from movies and chart toppers. Including movie-themes from The Persuaders, Frozen, Step Up 3D, James Bond 007/Never Say Never Again, The Artist, Saturday Night Fever, The Great Gatsby
1Fear of FallingWaltz28
2Jenny's Lullaby (from 'Sympathy for Lady Vengeance')Waltz28
3Without YouWaltz29
4Persuader's TheseWaltz29
5Theme From 'Inuyasha'Waltz28
6Let It Go (from 'Frozen')Waltz29
7Forever We'll Be (from 'The Book Of Mormon Movie')Waltz29
8Bust Your Windows (from 'Step Up 3D')Tango32
9Enjoy The SilenceTango32
10Melancolico Buenos AiresTango32
11El Tango De La Muerte (from 'Asesina Tango')Tango32
12Mido's Theme (from 'Oldboy')V. Waltz58
13Largo's Waltz (from 'Never Say Never Again')V. Waltz59
14Via Del CampoV. Waltz58
15Theme From ' I'm A Cyborg But That's OK'V. Waltz58
16Can't Get You Out of My MindSlowfox29
17Can't Get You Out of My HeadSlowfox29
18Walking In The RainSlowfox29
19Ja To Chto Nado (from 'Hipsters' 'Stiljagi')Slowfox29
20Peppy And George (from 'The Artist')Quickstep50
21My Sister Kate (from 'Wabash Avenue')Quickstep50
22Theme from 'Curious George'Quickstep50
23Staying Alive (from 'Saturday Night Fever')Quickstep50
24A Little Party Never Killed Nobody (from 'The Great Gatsby')Quickstep50
More Information
Artist Various
Total Tracks 24
Vocal Vocal and Instrumental
Shipping Rate 1.0000
Average cost per track Canadian: $1.25 / US: $0.98