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Ballroom Mix 8 - Double CD

The 8th CD in the double CD series of fabulous original tracks, brings you music from Cirque Du Soleil, some great waltzes, and several smooth slow foxtrots that will make you feel the music while you dance.
1Centaurus - Royal Philharmonic Orch. Feat. Sarah OzelleWaltz28
2Young Love - Stephen BoydWaltz29
3The Rose - Brenda Swain & Patrick YarbroughWaltz29
4Noreen - Celtic ThunderWaltz29
5Alfreds - Rossana CasaleWaltz28
6Luna Sorrentina - Orch. Mandolonistica ItalianaWaltz28
7Do You Feel - Olivia Newton-JohnWaltz29
8Violette - Lisa KochWaltz29
9Valsapena - Cirque Du SoleilWaltz29
10Skyfall - JaniqueWaltz29
11Tango Tango' - Lella E Daniele CombaTango32
12El Tango Lindo - Cantovano & His Orch.Tango32
13Pasion - Giuseppe SantamariaTango32
14Tango In The Sky - Petr DrangaTango32
15El Primer Tango - Sexteto PasionTango32
16Tango Sensual - Teo LavangaTango32
17Elektro Tango - Allstate 51Tango32
18└ La Campagne - Philip HochstrateV. Waltz59
19The Look Of You - Bonnie BeckerV. Waltz58
20Pigalle - Schatteman & CouvreurV. Waltz59
21Wizards - Helen Jane LongV. Waltz59
22Yanda Laa (A Dancing Angel) - SanavÚV. Waltz58
23Kookies And Kream - Miss KookieSlowfox29
24It'S You I Like - Robbie WyckoffSlowfox29
25It Makes No Difference - Helen Schneider & Swr Big BandSlowfox29
26Cherry Heart - The MummersSlowfox28
27So Emot Onal - Michelle WillsonSlowfox28
28In Just That Kind Of A Mood - Jonny BluSlowfox28
29If You Want This Love - Sonny KnightSlowfox28
30Qui A Envie D'╩tre AimÚ - Paris Symphonic Orch.Slowfox28
31Bad Romance - Berk & The Virtual BandSlowfox28
32Crazy Little Thing Called Love - Torsten GoodsSlowfox28
33What Am I To You - Deborah WelchSlowfox28
34Around The World - Miss KookieQuickstep50
35Brother Louie - Jazz Dance Orch.Quickstep50
36Starlight Lounge - Rudy GuessQuickstep50
37Dukes Up - Kathryn MatthewsQuickstep50
38Bunga Book - Tape FiveQuickstep50
39Papoo Pala Girls - Franþois FournetQuickstep50
40St.James Ballroom - Alice FrancisQuickstep50
41She'S Always Right - Big Bad Voodoo DaddyQuickstep50
42Alley - Prairie CatsQuickstep50
43Tom Toms Jam - David SteinbergQuickstep50
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Artist Various
Total Tracks 43
Vocal Vocal and Instrumental
Shipping Rate 1.0000
Average cost per track Canadian: $0.91 / US: $0.81