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Do I need Dance Shoes?

A dancer needs dance shoes
Just like a skier needs skis and a skater needs skates, a dancer needs dance shoes. Dance shoes are not just a street shoe with a special sole, they are specially constructed to position your balance and provide the right amount of structure for your foot. The sole provides the right amount of traction and enables the dancer to have better contact with the floor. Wearing a shoe with a rubber sole will not only impede the dancing, but it can also create bad habits and even lead to injury by throwing the dancer's balance off and causing the dancer to fall.
Not all dance shoes are created equal
Anyone who done even a little bit of dancing knows that ballroom dancing is extremely athletic. A dancer requires a shoe that can handle the athleticism required. Unfortunately the rise in the popularity of ballroom dancing has led to a lot of inferior product being offered in the marketplace, with styles (but not construction) copied from the well established and experienced dance shoe manufacturers. Many of these cheap styles are missing important elements like a steel shank that supports the arch and provides an indestructible base. Greater arch support provides a more comfortable dancing experience, and has been shown to prevent pain in feet, ankles, knees and back.
Quality costs less over time
We hear stories from our customers who wished they hadn't purchased cheap dancing shoes. They tell us that the heel broke off or that they didn't last very long. Our shoes are from well known leaders in the ballroom dance shoe industry that are known for their craftsmanship and quality. They are built to last which means that in the long run the customer is actually saving money by purchasing a well constructed pair of dance shoes that will last for years despite the stress that is placed upon them. We educate our customers on how to take care of their shoes, and about options to extend the life of their shoes, such as sole kits, heel covers and tip replacement.