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Some sales sound too good to be true... this isn't one of them!

For only three hours, Ontario dancers can buy a pair of premium dance shoes for $119. Brands such as International Dance Shoes and Freed of London are priced 35-50% below normal prices for this flash event.

* Selection of shoes varies from size to size. Pricing refers to the large number of shoes available for sale in the ballroom next door. For those few dancers that are unable to find something they want in their size at the sale, all regular store stock and special orders will be 15% off.

Everything you need to know... on our sale page.


Some of promotions and sales are only for our newsletter subscribers and our Facebook and Twitter followers. For example, on Cyber Monday we posted and emailed a special promotion code which increased the sale discount from 15% to 17%. You must be subscribed to our newsletter or be following us on Facebook or Twitter to be eligible for extra discounts.

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