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How to Buy Dance Shoes Without a Fitting

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Buying dance shoes without a proper fitting may seem like a recipe for disaster, or at the very least a lot of trouble and aggravation if they do not fit. Whether you are unable get a fitting due to the pandemic, our move, or your location, we have advice to make it easy, and maximize your chances of getting dance shoes that will be just as comfortable as a pair for which you were fitted.

Repeat customer?


We have been keeping track or our customers size and preferences since 1994. The only sales we don’t have available are shoes purchased at our annual sales or when a customer opts out. Call us to discuss your past purchase(s) — we can use that information to suggest something new that fits similarly but also meets your current needs and wants.

You can also use this down time to design the pair of your dreams. Invest in a custom pair and get a pair unique to you. One of the hardest parts of ordering custom is waiting for the finished product. Customers who order now will be ready when dancing resumes. Ordering custom allows you to choose the material, colour, heel height, padding and more, but expect to wait six to ten weeks given current circumstances.

First pair or first-time customer of Dance Plus

We haven’t met before? Don’t worry, everything you heard about our shoes, service, and experience is all true! When someone visits us for their first pair of shoes, we provide them with more than just a large selection of dance shoes to choose from. We share the things we’ve learned over the last forty years. We look at the shape of your foot, ask questions about your lessons, your partner and your dancing goals. The answers help guide us to not only the best pair for your dancing but also maximizes the value you get. We outline the pros and cons of different materials, styles, and heels, and teach you how to take care of them so they last for years and years. This ultimately means our shoes are not going to sit at the back of your closet.

We are still here to do that. Call us, discuss your needs, send a picture of your foot. Do your shoe buying frustrations tend to repeat themselves? Send us a picture of the wear pattern on an old pair of shoes. For example, some people have issues sliding forward in their shoes, putting pressure on the toes, or another person might have a shallow or narrow heel, causing discomfort at the back of the foot. We can make suggestions to address these kinds of issues. After 40 years, we have found a solution for most common fit issues.

Other ways to ensure a successful fit

Consider an adjustable style or practice shoes. Practice shoes lace up allowing you to adjust to your preference. If they stretch (all dance shoes stretch over time to some degree because of the heat generated from your feet when you practice), you can tighten the laces to compensate.

Practice Shoes offer more flexibility because the laces can be tightened or loosened.

Be sure to check the size charts.  Our imported shoes are either in English or European sizing, so you need to get the size right. Even shoes from two different English companies are not identical. Additionally, within the same brand we suggest going up a half size when choosing a closed toe over an open toed sandal style. Dance shoes should fit like a leather glove, hugging the form of your foot. We find many men buy their shoes too large. Avoid going up a size to get the width you need.

Wrong size? No Problem

If after all this advice you still get the size wrong, we can help. We don’t charge most shipping on shoes to most locations in Canada & the U.S., and we will even pay the shipping one more time to send you a new size. You only have to pay the shipping to return the pair that doesn’t fit. We make returns easy. Just leave the plastic shield on the bottom of the shoes, return within 30 days, and we will take them back.

Until we can open our store again, we are confident we can still continue to give the same level of service, it will just be done a little differently. Click to contact us now… 1-888-844-4122 or 416-251-5998



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