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Latin Sunrise

Artist: Various Artists

Like other Sunrise CDs from Casa, this CD features music from Japanese movies, games, and television series. The CD contains Latin tracks and is well orchestrated while bringing fresh sounds to the dance floor.


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No. Track Dance BPM
1 Coto (instr) – George Klein Orchestra Rumba 25
2 True Love – Miss Allegra Rumba 25
3 Bansanka (instr) – Hollywood Movie Strings Rumba 25
4 Ellie,My Love – Mark Fidget & Al Kruin Rumba 25
5 Yuuhigaoka (instr) – George Klein Orchestra Rumba 25
6 Wing To Fly – Miss Allegra Rumba 25
7 Neo Boogalogy (instr) – Ojos Cha Cha 31
8 Yasashiku Naritai (I Want to Be Tender) – Stella Starlet Cha Cha 31
9 Oye, Oye, Oye – Ojos Cha Cha 31
10 Chikaku To Kairaku No Rasen (instr) – Pump Cha Cha 31
11 I’m Here Saying Nothing – Stella Starlet Samba 51
12 Hero (Main Title) (instr) – George Klein Orchestra Samba 51
13 Kazeni Naritai – The Latin Drums & Hang Shuen Singers Samba 51
14 Sara  (instr) – El Doradór Samba 51
15 Fine Day (instr) – Hollywood Movie Strings Samba 51
16 Across You (instr) – Jumptown Daddies Jive 43
17 Gou – Himetachi No Sengoku (instr) – George Klein Orchestra All Dances
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